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Our client is a marketer who needs an updated, out of the box and creative website to attract both influencers and newbies looking for a great marketing campaign for business boost up and monitoring. The client required a dynamic website with a graphical structure that will stand out among other competitors.  Influencers would like a campaign that you be armored and continuously visited. Our client’s demand was similar; a website design that will be admired and visited by both influencers/ labels and entrepreneurs for continuous business.

The Solution

The technical team of designers and business analysts communicated back and forth to sketch a design that fits the emerging industry of influencers and entrepreneurs as well as the old city business of music labels. QA engineers made sure that the website functioned properly. The UX experience was also included in the website development in addition to the implementation of mobile APIs Website design and development of website control panel and Integration layer development.

Analytics and Research Implementations

Campaign Analytics and Details in a way that a glimpse is enough to track the ROI’s of your campaign, getting direct analytics from your post and processing the data to deduct the actual profits you got from campaigns.


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Web Homepage

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Proud Moment

“ Their transparency is what stands out the most. They perform at a higher level than most of the firms in the US. We’re now able to trust them and invest in them because they created a great partnership between us —they feel like an extension of our team, and that’s important for us.”


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